Tuesday Treats

Tuesday Treats #1

I’m super thrilled to introduce and incorporate the first ‘Tuesday Treats’ on my blog where I share articles or links that you may find useful or beneficial for your personal finances. I will also throw in some tidbits or promotions of Malaysian products and services occasionally. As suggested by the title, this will be published on Tuesday and on a bi-weekly basis, so be sure not to miss out! 🙂

1) Buying a home still remains a big goal in the life of many millennials in Malaysia today, but it is truly achievable when the World Bank has classified the houses in Malaysia as “severely unaffordable”? It may sound disheartening but this article by iMoney.my has pointed out a few ways to build up your eligibility of purchasing your dream home.

2) We all know how frustrating it is when you run out of mobile credits especially right when you need to make an urgent phone call. Eek! Now with the new Boost app on your phone, you can avoid such recurrence from happening again, because you get to top up your mobile credits anywhere anytime and you don’t even need to have a credit card. Sounds good? Wait til you hear that Boost is giving away RM8 free credit when you register for a new account today!

3) If you ever feel like finance is too huge of a concept to understand let alone implement or take actions, you might want to read Sara’s article – “10 Baby Steps To Financial Literacy” on JewelPie. Just like many of us, she was clueless and had no interest in personal finances starting out, but she decided to take the leap and become financially literate. You too can do the same by taking small steps over time.

4) Some of my friends object to my decision of not buying a car in Malaysia as “getting around town is not so convenient without a car”. For me, owning a car is a liability and I don’t really mind using the public transportation now that the new MRT SBK line is up and running. If public transportation does not cut out for you, leasing a car can be a great alternative given the pros of not having to take out a hire-purchase loan and to bear the depreciation over time. You can read more here.

5) Feeling bummed out that you won’t get to hear Ed Sheeran singing “I’m in love with the shape of you” to you on stage in coming November? I feel you, my friend! Fortunately, Cornetto is giving us a ray of sunshine to win Ed’s concert ticket and merchandise. Best thing is you get to stand a chance to win by just savoring your favorite ice creams! Damn, that’s much better than forking out money for the insane ticket price those resellers offer.

Image from StockSnap.io