Tuesday Treats

Tuesday Treats #2

How was your long holiday? For most people, it was an unexpected, last-minute 4+1 days off thanks to all Malaysian athletes who have contributed to the outstanding achievement in the recently-ended SEA Games. #ProudMalaysian

As usual, my day off consists of lots of readings including the Game of Thrones fans’ theories that are dramatic but terribly addictive, so allows me to present you my interesting reads and finds from the last couple of weeks. Without further ado, let’s jump into today’s Tuesday Treats!

1. How much does it take to build a sizeable fund of RM500,000? Read this to find out!

2. If you know me, you probably also know that I love my good ol’ Subway sandwiches. Whenever I’m torn between eating healthy (which cost a fortune) and living on a budget (which means eating unhealthy instant noodles), Subway always comes to my rescue. My heart screams “YES!” when I learned that Subway has launched their Everyday Value Meals with a cheap price tag. Dang, those pictures have me drooling over my screen.

3. My immense gratitude goes to Shen who has put together “A Guide to Choosing and Applying for Credit Cards” on CompareHero.my. It’s a thorough and well-organized article that covered what to look out for when choosing a credit card, 12 types of credit card users and credit cards that suit them, 5 ways to apply for a credit card, type of credit card applicants and required documents, as well as checking your application status. Whew, I’m sure you will get a lot out of it if you’re looking to apply for one yourself.

4. Let’s take a moment and be proud of ourselves on how we millennials are doing better financially compared to boomers. We create financial goals and have a financial plan in place. We are constantly contributing to our retirement fund (pat in the back). But the Forbes author has also pointed out that the millennials are spending too much on coffee. Guilty, eh? Nevertheless, take it with a pinch of salt as this article is written based on the U.S. audience.

5. I have cobbled together the 5 habits that cost you money which you might be unaware of. Have you ever aware that not paying attention to the offers and discounts or comparing prices when making purchases can secretly prevent you from saving a couple hundred bucks every month? Yup, this applies to your groceries, travels, services or other goods.

Comment down below and share with me what’s your favorite reads this week! 🙂

Image from Pexels