Tuesday Treats

Tuesday Treats #3

Hello, friends! How was your weekend? I’ve been taking a much-needed break for a week to make sure I come back with full force (why does this remind me of Starworld’s “may the force be with you” every time I say it?!) and better productivity. Sometimes you just have to unplug from your daily routine because it is necessary for stress recovery and for more effective focus. A short getaway will do just that.

1. Suraya from Ringgit Oh Ringgit wrote about “35 Things That Happen When You’re Good With Money” which I find hilarious and relatable at the same time. Here’s some sneak peek: You walk aimlessly at the mall after finding yourself there out of habit. You don’t really have anything to buy, and you don’t really feel like window-shopping. You don’t want to look at things too closely in case you’ll like it and spend money on it just out of boredom.

2. Whilst Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, Santorini and New York are on your travel bucket list, have you ever thought of visiting the enchanting Mumbai? You may shake your head and say “hmm.. not really” because either a) you’re afraid you’ll get kidnapped by strangers when walking down the street, or b) you hate the sight of piles and piles of rubbish everywhere, or c) you don’t know what to do if everyone you pass by start begging you for money or d) you have no idea how to get around in the country with rather poor transportation system, or e) you don’t know much about the country you’re just generally uninterested in exploring the beauty of it. But, here are some of the undeniably awesome reasons you should add Mumbai to your bucket list. Great news: AirAsia is having a promotion for KL-Mumbai route! Click here to find out more.

3. Gender pay gap is real. It is happening around the world and it is happening in our country. I gasped when I learned about the fact that Malaysian women only get paid 79 cents for every RM1 men earned. What?! iMoney has recently posted an article with interesting infographic on why women should leave work at 4:21pm!

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4. On a lighter note, this flowchart posted by Julian from The Very Long Run illustrated a rather funny approach on how should you invest. You know you should take it with a pinch of salt when you find him putting “my goal is to try to offend the whole industry” in his comment section. Nonetheless, LOL.

5. Another interesting read: nasi kerabu stall in Kelantan that accepts Bitcoin as one of the payment methods. Talking about that pakcik and makcik whose idea is way more ahead of the most of ours! Did I mention the tech-savvy couple has a Facebook fan page for their business Jijah’s NK stall?

Comment down below and let me know what are your favorite reads so far? 🙂

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