MoneyTalks Cafe – What is it and who am I?

Image from Pexels

Hello, my name is Jocelyn.

I created this space to share my knowledge and experiences on personal finances with you. I know a lot of people simply don’t talk about money as they grow up in a household where the idea of talking about money is considered taboo or inappropriate. For some, talking money in front of others may seem insensitive or somewhat “braggy”. And for that reason, many people are unfamiliar or bad with money as they are afraid to raise any questions or share their money mistakes with others.

That is also why I created MoneyTalks Cafe in order to build a community where everyone is comfortable to share their uncertainty or issues they have with money. I named it MoneyTalks Cafe because I want to create a cafe-like ambiance where it feels casual, open and not-at-all daunting to talk about money. I want to make personal finance an area of your life that is good and healthy so that you feel empowered to create your dream life.

This space is for you millennials out there especially the twentysomethings who wants to be good with your personal finances by learning from the articles as well as others’ experiences so that you are eventually capable of managing your own money by making good money decisions. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your favorite Caramel Latte while you’re here!

Now, a little bit about myself. When I was at my early 20s, I started earning my own money but was terrible at managing it. I had pretty bad spending habit and was constantly making poor money decisions. Long story short, I had zero clues about budgeting, had too many impulsive buys, not saving enough, and had to ask for money from my parents when I screwed it up once in a while.

One day, I stumbled across some interesting videos about investing and instantly decided I want to start investing my own money. But to invest, I told myself, I need to first be good with my money. And the rest is history.


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